Stay Curious

Josh Urban is is a speaker, author, host, and syndicated columnist.

Josh Urban is a storyteller.

Sometimes he uses words, written and spoken. Sometimes it's a guitar, or a telescope on a starry night, voyaging across the light years. A lifelong student of natural history and trained as a rock musician, Josh aims to bring Life to his audiences, and his listeners to life.

Author of Cities on a Hill, a witnessing of the COVID isolation in a nursing home, and The Captain's Logbook, an astronomy workbook, he writes the Late Night Radio newspaper column, hosts The Signalman Show podcast, and publishes The Nighthawk, a weekly newsletter for the elderly. His writings have appeared in Sky and Telescope, Astronomy, Positive Impact, and other magazines. Josh writes and speaks regularly on bridge building, conflict resolution, depolarization, critical thinking, meaning & philosophy, astronomy, and history.

Sometimes he brings a guitar.